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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Romance
With Jin-Woo, a high school student. The guy has a unique ability to remember huge amounts of information. His memory is arranged in a special way, he can reproduce his past in great detail from any place. Jin Woo's family survived a tragedy a few years ago, and his mother and older brother were killed in a car accident. The young man lives alone with his father. Dad could not accept the loss of loved ones, the misfortune provoked the development of an incurable disease – Alzheimer's disease. The disease developed rapidly, soon his father forgot that he once had a wife and stopped recognizing his son.Once he was found in a forest near the corpse of a girl, what happened, and how it turned out, the man could not explain. He was taken into custody and convicted. Guilty of murder, the heir of the owner of the insurance company was released, get rid of the corpse and blame the distraught old man, he was prompted by lawyers. Having gone through another tragedy, Jin-Woo vowed to restore the good name of his family. He wants to become an influential lawyer, his gift to remember information is a good help. Li Ying a is friends with Since childhood, the girl is also studying law. Together they investigate the circumstances of the crime. Young people did not notice how they became very close and can not imagine life apart.

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