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What unites two completely different people, a teenager of thirteen-fourteen and sixty years old. This animated series"Rick and Morty" was conceived as a kind of continuation of the trilogy"Back to the future", but later the characters of the animated series began to live their lives independent of the picture. Already not very young scientist Rick Sanchez, made happy with his presence daughter Betty, and her household, moved to them, for permanent residence. He does not know how to behave in a decent society, too likes to drink, suffers himself and torments others with a constant burp. But he is not just a scientist, he is a brilliant scientist, thanks to his genius invented a large number of the most incredible things. Including a flying saucer with the ability to move through time. And here is this venerable he not, is sometimes absolutely inadequate, him nothing not worth in the midst of night Wake up his grandson Morty, and will go with him in what any journey in outer space. Morty always supports his grandfather, in his travels, not despite objections parents. After all, with a crazy grandfather so interesting and exciting . They always get into some kind of trouble, but thanks to Rick's sense of humor and genius, they get out of them with honor. And despite any prohibitions Morty and his elderly grandfather, in the new season 3 Rick and Morty 2017 online again and again go on the next trip, despite the dangers and incredible adventures. Completely ignoring the age difference they get along well with each other, in some way complementing each other, skeptical, grumpy grandfather and a little insecure Morty, be an excellent tandem in intergalactic travel. Animated series Rick and Morty season 3 all series Siendo free download on our website at any time of the day!

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