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  • Animation
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Before us the world-famous teenage mutant ninja Turtles. Four brothers who are constantly having fun and looking for adventure. Some of them seem very serious and strive to create something or, on the contrary, make sure that everything goes according to their plan. Others on the contrary prefer to eat pizza and ride all day on a skateboard. Well, whatever it was ahead of these guys still waiting for a lot of adventures that will have to face. After all, their enemy never sleeps and sometimes they find quite strange creatures in their city, which are just waiting from the moment to something to teach and cause inconvenience to all residents. but the guys are not going to let them rampage so easily and are ready to do anything to keep the peace and quiet in their town. Now their enemy will not be so simple and much stronger than usual, he will try to turn the whole world against his secret saviors, and therefore the brothers should prepare for the worst. However, what is actually they will encounter before they will be able to enjoy your favorite foods and how to relax? What dangers will be waiting for their favorite city in these difficult times for all? Whether really it will be possible and this time turtles to cope everything and to celebrate the victory with favourite pizza?

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