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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
The main character of the series Rita works at school and has three children. The eldest son has already grown up, he lives separately with his girlfriend, but his relationship with his mother is strained. Still have the youngest son and middle daughter, with whom also there are conflicts, but in General they live in peace. The older the children get, the more problems arise. Also, the heroine is absolutely not glued to communicate with his own mother, and about her ex-husband and say nothing.Rita about forty years old, she is quite impulsive and open woman, easily falls in love, has an inborn sense of justice. At school, she works in the senior class, where all students behave as if they have already received a diploma of higher education and occupied a worthy niche in society, but this is not so. As a teacher Rita is incomparable, the most careless student she can convince to learn and strive for the best. Here are the methods at Rita's peculiar. She absolutely does not hesitate to smoke in front of students and using foul language if it considers that necessary. An affair with the school principal does not add happiness to personal life, but brings the necessary variety. The love of a woman creates a lot of difficulties on the personal front, because many perceive this trait as promiscuity. The series clearly describes the problem of homosexual relations between teenagers and how parents react to it. The film is very vital, it reveals the real problems of everyday life, which makes it particularly interesting.

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