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Predictability of the ending and knowledge of a plot can't serve as the reason of refusal of viewing of the next screen version of history about the defender of disadvantaged Robin hood. Better than the British, no one can tell about their national hero. Shot professionally, beautifully, dramatic episodes alternate with comical, they are much more, but in all there is a sincere love for his country. In the film, Robin is not only he, as a heroic person, but also his team, protecting Sherwood forest and giving hope to ordinary poor people for a better life.While the confrontation between the allies and opponents of king Richard, beating the Saracens at the Holy Sepulchre, reached the highest point, Robin hood returns to his native land. And that sees the hero in his native Locksley? A tortured nation incapable of resisting the violence of a local Sheriff.Along with the struggle for good and justice, the film has a romantic story of Marian and Robin. But the girl is not so simple, she is the center of a love triangle, she is sincerely loved by another person-guy, serious passions are boiling between them, it is not easy to imagine what will happen next.After watching the series, you can say without excessive pathos-all the world is ruled by love, Robin hood loves his land, friends, peasants and life itself. Look, it'll be interesting.

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