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(OT: RoboCop: The Series) The US series RoboCop is located in a not distant future and playing in Detroit, Michigan. In the center of the story is Alex Murphy (Richard Eden), an ordinary patrolman. One day Alex is mortally wounded when used. While the public is informed later that the law enforcement officer has died of his injuries, Alex suffers an operation after the other. Thanks to the commitment of the Group Omni Consumer Products (OCP), he survived - but only a small fraction of its previous body is preserved. Although his over vital organs and his brain still work. Nevertheless, the rest of his physique using advanced robot technology had to be supplemented. Alex is now on a cyborg and is named RoboCop. As overpowering combination of man and machine, he should provide on the streets of Detroit for law and order. Over time, however Alex finds out that the CEO of OCP wants to exploit it fully.    Main characters of RoboCop    Alex Murphy (Richard Eden) works as a patrol officer for the police in a futuristic Detroit. He is conscientious, reliable and very responsible. Accordingly, it seems to be the perfect candidate for the RoboCop concept. As a moral authority Alex to consistently access and still give the appearance of a friend and helper to the citizens.    Background information on RoboCop    The RoboCop series based on the movie RoboCop, directed by Paul Verhoeven. The plot is about four to five years after the end of the original one and ignore the events of the two sequels (RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3). Originally, the screenwriters Michael Miner and Edward Neumeier wrote a script for a second RoboCop movie that was never realized. Instead, the vision of The Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner received preference in the executive production company. Some elements of the script mentioned were nevertheless taken up in the political consequence of the RoboCop series. This first episode appeared in Germany under the title RoboCop 4 and should thus suggests it were a continuation of the movie series. The lettering Time: The Near Future. Place: Detroit, Michigan was displayed at the beginning of each episode of the series. Due to the lack of interest from the audience, the series was canceled after the first season-2 / scale / 1st 2001 followed with RoboCop: Prime Directives another attempt to plug the metal hero into a real series. In addition, there are two animated series, based on the same franchise: RoboCop and RoboCop: Alpha Commando. (MH)

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