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As a child, Ronja had an exciting life: Know The daughter of a bandit leader they quickly learned the adventures and dangers of life. Together with the members of their father's clan, she grew up in a big castle. When she was finally old enough to Ronia but regularly made their way into the surrounding forest to enjoy the wonders of nature - including mystical creatures that sneak through the undergrowth. Over time Ronja learned more and more to live among trees and shrubs to (above). However, when she meets one day a boy her age, her entire life will change: Birk, the name of Ronias new friend, forms one of a rival tribe. And this circumstance will not like Ronias father.    Main Characters from Ronja RäubertochterRonia (Haruka Shiraishi) is the daughter of a renowned bandit leader who dictates his daughter hardly rules. Accordingly, Ronia can develop freely and finds in the forest a new home. Ideally she would not want to leave the magical place, but the circumstances of growing up to make her a spanner in the works. Otherwise Ronia is a kind-hearted as happy person.    Birk (Reika Uyama) runs Ronia one day entirely unexpected on the road. Although the two meet at the beginning with suspicion, they become friends very quickly. Together Ronia and Birk experience many exciting adventures. But then, it turns out that Birk in truth is the son of the leader of a warring clans with which Ronias father is at war.    Background information on Ronja based on devised by Astrid Lindgren Children heroine Ronja interpreted the Japanese animation studio Ghibli in cooperation with Polygon Pictures history anew as an anime series. The format supports the international title Ronia the Robber's Daughter and is called in the original Sanzoku no Musume ronya. all 26 episodes of the first season, which celebrated on October 22, 2014 NHK its premiere, directed by Goro Miyazaki were staged. This previously staged the two Ghibli productions Tales from Earthsea and The Poppies mountain. (MH)

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