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Original Title: Roseanne
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC
Creators: Matt Williams
Language: English
Description: characters    Rose Anne (Roseanne Barr)    At first she worked at Wellman Plastics. Your dortiger boss Booker Brooks, played by George Clooney. Then a lousy job comes as phone magazine shop assistant and as a shampoo girl in the local beauty salon. After that, she's a waitress in the restaurant of a department store. Finally, she founded along with her sister Jackie, her mother Beverly and girlfriend Nancy a & # 8220; fast food & # 8221; restaurant- that & # 8220; lunch box & # 8221 ;, whose sales hit the "Schnetzelfleisch sandwich" is , After an argument with Roseanne and Jacky Beverly sold in revenge their share of the lunch box to Roseanne's former boss Leon.    Dan (John Goodman)    In the first season Dan works as a dry Maurer in his own company Four Aces and dreams to build in his garage his own boat. This is never completed. Later, he has a shop for motorcycles. In this shop he gives Becky's friend Mark a job as a mechanic. Later, he is head of the workshop of the city Lanford for city vehicles. This workshop is also working again Mark and Jackie's future husband Fred. At Darlene's wedding, he suffers a heart attack, which he survived. In the last episode, it turns out that Roseanne only writes a book and Dan in the & # 8220; real & # 8221; Life is deceased at this heart attack.    Jackie (Laurie Metcalf)    Roseanne's sister initially also works at Wellman Plastics. Later, she is a police officer. After being injured on duty, it is truck driver. On one of her trips she discovered the Schnetzelfleisch sandwich, which she makes herself with her sister with the lunch box automatically. Jackie has all the while several male acquaintances that are sometimes more and sometimes less seriously. These include men like their boss Booker (George Clooney) in Wellman, Gary, with which it is combined in the phase as a cop, or Fisher, who abused her in the relationship. During the series (Season 6) she gets with her son Fred Andy. Later, the two married. But then it comes to irreconcilable differences and the marriage goes to pieces.    Becky (Alicia Goranson / Sarah Chalke)    The eldest daughter of the Conner loves to shop and they love to phone. She is very interested in boys and is frequently out with a boy. In some episodes she continues to slip because of high telephone bill or because they comes home late with her mother in dispute. In the first seasons they also like arguing with her sister Darlene because they have to share a room. In the third season, she meets Mark Healy, with whom she blows later and secretly married. When she returns to the sixth season, she moves into a trailer park.    Darlene (Sara Gilbert)    Darlene is a very sporty girl. She plays basketball and throws often with her father in the back yard a few baskets. When she meets Mark's brother David later, she falls in love with him. At the end of season 8, marry since Darlene is pregnant. At the wedding Dan suffered his heart attack. Darlene had a daughter, but which is born much too early. The long struggle for life in an incubator wins her daughter and is released in the last consequences. Darlene called the child after the three women generations in the series & # 8220; Harris Conner Healy & # 8221 ;.    David Jacob "D. J. "(Michael Fishman / Sal Barone Jr. (only 1.Folge))    D.J. is up to the 8th season of the youngest son of the Conners. Initially, very cared for as a pet of the family, especially of Roseanne, but often teased by his sisters. Later, he builds kinds Unfung, steals e.g. so the car the Conners and builds an accident, with the result that he gets from his mother Roseanne strikes, which they regretted heavy. In the later seasons is developed D.J. the geek who has strange moods.    Father Dan loves his son, but has little access to it. The caregiver by D.J. is clearly Roseanne, even if their relationship changed over the series.    supporting characters    There are a number of characters who show up for a while or ever again.    Arnie Thomas (Tom Arnold) is a regular member of Dan & # 8217; s poker games and one of his closest friends. Later he briefly with Nancy Bartlett (Sandra Bernhard) married, but she leaves (he claims to have been abducted by aliens). Nancy outs himself to as a lesbian.    Fred (Michael O'Keefe) is a friend and colleague of Dan. He is later father of Jackie's child and married Rose Anne's sister eventually.    Booker Brooks (George Clooney) is the beginning of the shift leader of Roseanne and Jackie at & # 8220; Wllman & # 8217; s & # 8221 ;.    Crystal Anderson (Natalie West) is a friend and colleague at the beginning of Roseanne and Jackie. Later, she married Dan & # 8217; s father Ed Conner (Ned Beatty)    The gay Leon Carp (Martin Mull) is superior in Rose Annes Lanforder shopping center & # 8220; Rodbell & # 8217; s & # 8221; and even later, her partner in the fast-food restaurant & # 8220; Lanford Lunch Box & # 8221 ;.    The brothers Mark (Glenn Quinn) and David Healy (Johnny Galecki), along with the Conner-daughters Becky and Darlene. Mark is a typical go-getter, not very intelligent, but a good craftsman. David, however, is a wimp, gentle, musically interested but without assertiveness.

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