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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
In the life of Hank Lawson all worked out for the best. He devoted himself to his favorite work in the emergency Department, and his personal life is also all right – very soon he will marry his beloved. However, in an instant his cloudless life is overshadowed by a tragic event. In one of the duties Hank has to make a choice - the life of a teenager or an elderly person. He decides to save the teenager, and it turns out to be a fatal mistake. The thing is, this old man was a billionaire, and the hospital Lawson works at worshipped the old man.the events that have Occurred lead to the fact that Hank loses his job and a successful career. After his beloved bride throws, leaving a mountain of unpaid bills for wedding expenses. Hank's younger brother advises him to unwind a bit, to change the depressing situation. Lawson goes to the resort, having no idea that this trip will play a key role in his future life. At one of the parties, he saves the life of a model. After that, the doctor, who was expelled from his native hospital, becomes the resort's most sought-after specialist among wealthy clients. Rich people are willing to give any money, but will Hank like this job.