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The main characters of the series were people completely unrelated to each other in a past life. One woman had to be left all alone, and now she must be alone without any help to raise their children. It was not easy for one illegal immigrant from China and another from Poland, who has to earn money on erotic dances. The other guy had a bad past, where the main problem was drug addiction. All of them are not connected with each other, but the confluence of events will make them intersect with each other.

the plot of the series talks about the current realities of modern Britain, London on the reverse side of the coin. It all started with the usual fight, which gives rise to a chain of events. People who were not familiar before and are connected to each other, will now be very often intersect. In every city every day there are human drama, but this is real life. The plot is very dynamic and full of sharpness. This is the real underside of London, which is very difficult to see with the naked eye. Here in Brixton every decision of a person has its price, both for himself and for the people around him. At any step there are consequences, sometimes not the most desirable.

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