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The Flemish television series Matriohski - Girls dealer (OT: Matroesjka's) revolves around the fate of a group of young women who are lured by false promises to Western Europe. There they expected a better life supposedly quite the prosperity of the European population. A tempting offer, not least the women eke out an existence in their homeland in wretched conditions. Since the decision seems to have fallen rapidly in terms of a lucrative job. But the hope of a life without worries in the affluent West is quickly confronted with the harsh and cruel reality.    In fact, the women are trafficked, by a gang of criminal men who are only their own profit on the priority list. From then on, the women are forced as a prostitute in a vicious circle from which there is no escape. Their environment is a brutal, relentless and unscrupulous. The suffering never ends: See also the authorities the inhumane bustle stand idly by, after all, thanks to sophisticated methods of corruption anything but sincere and conscientious representative of the law.    Main characters of Matrioshki - Girls dealer    The focus of the series, ten young women from the fall of the girls trader Ray Van Mechelen (Peter van den Begin) are being kidnapped and eventually forced into prostitution. Accordingly, Ray Van Mechelen and his henchmen play a greater role in Matrioshki - Girls dealer. In addition, there are Nico Maes (Lucas van den Eijnde), a Belgian journalist. He is ambitious and trying to get his career back on track. A quick-witted investigative report could provide him with the necessary attention. Therefore, he is even willing to put his life at risk. but quickly realizes he also that this is about more than their own advantage; People are in acute danger.    Background information on Matrioshki - Girls dealer    Matrioshki - Girls traders celebrated on January 5, 2005 to vtm and a short time later on Canal + premiered. The series ran from 2005 to 2007. In Germany, the premiere took place on 1 April 2009 on RTL Crime. In total during two seasons 20 episodes each having a run length of about 50 minutes were produced. Between the act of the first season and the plot of the second season pass three years. Although Matrioshki - Girls traders discussed serious matters such as human trafficking and prostitution, the format itself as entertainment series. hence the dark background only acts as a framework for action. (MH)

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