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In the Japanese anime series Sailor Moon Crystal (OT: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal / AT: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal) reverses the eponymous heroine back into the world of Sailor Moon. The focus of the story, Usagi Tsukino is. For many it is just an ordinary girl who attends the eighth grade their school. When Usagi one day, however, meets a black cat on whose head the sign of a crescent is carved, her entire life changed. Luna - the name of the speaking quadruped - transformed Usagi in Sailor Moon.    From then on, the fun-loving schoolgirls a warrior and a protector of love and justice. Now we have to protect the princess to find her other Warrior fellow to make the legendary Silver Crystal locate beyond. But Usagi running out of time, because the Queen of the dark kingdom has also apart of the Silver Crystal. Finally, this gives its owner or its owner forces incredible proportions. But Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus Sailor Moon are brave aside.    Main characters of Sailor Moon Crystal    Sailor Moon aka Usagi Tsukino is the eponymous protagonist and heroine of the series. Before she learned of her true identity and the associated fate, she was like any other girl to school. Usagi lived a carefree from day to day and met their fellow men always friendly and helpful. Although she has problems with it at the beginning of their transformation to take on the role of the heroine, it grows with its tasks and become throughout history for tough fighter.    Sailor Mercury aka Ami Mizuno is 14 years old and goes to the same class Usagi. Ami loves nothing more than books in which infinitely more knowledge is accumulated. Consequently, it is extremely intelligent and knows of all things that happen in this world. Ami can transform into Sailor Mercury and is the warrior of the water and wisdom.    Sailor Mars aka Rei Hino lives with her lone grandfather in an old temple. Here she has spent her entire life as Miko. It is a Shinto priestess. As soon as she turns into Sailor Mars, it is the warrior of fire and passion - a winning combination.    Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kino goes together with Ami in the same class as Usagi. Makoto is larger than average and therefore stands out from the rest of her classmates. No wonder, after all, is the effervescent and energetic girls in truth Sailor Venus, the warrior of thunder and strength.    Sailor Venus Minako Aino aka is an extraordinary girl who has little to do at the start with the other Scouts. Minako is dreamy and sees the world through different eyes. Still, she joins forces with Usagi and Co.. As Sailor Venus, it functions as a warrior of beauty and love - their forces are therefore not to be underestimated.    Background information on Sailor Moon Crystal    In July 2012, a new Sailor Moon anime was announced. This should 'focus on the manga original early reportedly than the previous and appear in summer, 2013. Later the deadline was, however, postponed several times, until the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal premiered as a web anime on July 5, 2014. Publication is on the video platform NICONICO - for now, but only in Japanese. Nevertheless, to reach an international audience, the audience could turn on corresponding subtitles in Chinese, German, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Portuguese and Spanish and Turkish. The songs in the preliminary and final credits is Moon Pride and Gekko, both derived from the Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z. The first season of Sailor Moon Crystal comprises a total of 26 episodes. The plot follows on from the events of the final season of Sailor Moon. Nevertheless stressed producer Atsutoshi Umezawa that Sailor Moon Crystal a template faithful reinterpretation of the manga - that is a serial reboot of the franchise - is. (MH)