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Turkish melodramatic series directed by Andach Haznedaroglu, tells the story of the difficult relationship of two loving hearts, separated by the prevailing circumstances of life. A young man named Nejat is just crazy about the beautiful Zyulyal, the daughter of his own aunt. The girl is incredibly pretty, but also very freedom-loving and skeptical in relation to Nagato, not noticing his feelings and just playing with it, often offending and engaging in a humiliating situation. But this attitude is not able to affect the love of a young man who decided once to admit everything and sincerely hoping for reciprocity. But the frivolous cousin responds with a decisive refusal, mocking the unlucky lover, and subsequently marries, hypocritically choosing his best friend as his wife. Inconsolable guy in a hurry to leave his hometown, in order to quickly forget about his unhappy love. But years passed, and life put everything in its place, forcing the main character to take a fresh look at the events of the past years and to appreciate the sincerity and devotion of this man, whom she initially did not want to take seriously, and then simply rejected. However, fate gives them a second chance, because Nejat has a good reason to return home.