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background    The anime series by director Shinichirô Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) was broadcast on Japanese television of 2004. In September 2006, VOX showed all 26 episodes for the first time in German synchronization. The series was released in Germany on DVD.    The makers do not claim to historical accuracy and mix again traditional with modern elements such as hip-hop and graffiti art. The Ergenis is a unique combination of martial arts, humor and hip-hop.    plot    In 26 episodes the story of Fuu, Jin and Mugen will tell & # 8211; and their search for the mysterious samurai who smells of sunflowers. For Jin and Mugen had Fuu promise to accompany them to looking after it could save them from execution. But the journey is the destination, and so the unequal community experienced on their journey through the Japan of the Edo period, the variety of adventure and is regularly involved in combat and hostage-taking. It remains unclear why the three & # 8211; despite obvious antipathy & # 8211; always stay together. But the attempt to go separate ways, fails anyway. You get away not from each other. On their journey, they meet all the various ways their past.    Characters of the series    Fuu is a fun, 15-year-old girl who has a flying squirrel named Momo as a pet. She grew up without her father and worked after the death of her mother in the tea house of her uncle until Mugen and Jin is accidentally burn down in a fight.    Since then the two of them want to find out which of them is the better swordsman is & # 8211; namely in a fight to the death that is repeatedly postponed.    Mugen is a criminal, but also a talented swordsman with unusual methods. He usually has a selfish and always looking dispute, it can always come to a fight.    Jin, however, is very prudent and cautious. He is a trained Ronin, a samurai, and several of his former classmates want to kill him because he killed their master. Jin wearing a rare item with them: a pair of glasses.    Where crop up all three together, chaos reigns.

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