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Jack was born in ancient Japan. At one time, his father – the famous Japanese Emperor – faced with the evil magician Aku, who intended to capture the entire Empire, and then enslave the rest of the world. The man managed to resist the villain thanks to the help of wise elders. They forged a powerful sword with which the Emperor turned his enemy into stones. But over the years, the villain revived and re-started the implementation of their plans. He destroyed the Emperor and his whole family, only the youngest son of the ruler, who together with his mother fled the city, could survive. Ten years later, samurai Jack tried to avenge his father. Having mastered the art of sword fighting, he attacked the Aku and almost won, but the villain at the last moment sent the guy to the future... it's been almost fifty years since then. All these years, Jack wandered through an unfamiliar world of the future, trying to find a way to go back and deal with the villain. But he didn't succeed. And when a samurai lost his sword, he had changed – he became indifferent to the problems of other people. And if before he was ready to help those in need at the first call, now it is not so. In the beginning of season 5, he has no scruples in passing by villages, destroyed by cruel murderers. Jack returned to life ghosts of his parents, who begin to torment the hero.

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