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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Before us is an unusual series, telling about one of the pirate groups. Members of the gang make a living by publishing films on the Internet before their official release in cinemas and on DVDs. Heroes of the series "Scene" only five, but their active work, they have already brought harm to the owners of tens of millions of dollars. Events revolve around the main character Brian Sandro, the leader of the pirates. He is the first to receive films from his sources, after which the whole team they publish files in the right places. But this time Brian decided to deceive his friends – he sold a copy of the film to his Asian colleagues, getting a few thousand dollars, which he needed to pay for College. But the story does not end – soon his friends realize that among them wound up "rat" and now they suspect each other. All complicated by the fact that they were followed by FBI agents specializing in fraud on the Internet.

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