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Original Title: Scene of the Crime
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ORF,ARD,SRF 1
Creators: Gunther Witte,Günter Rohrbach
Description: series Football season 2 download gives viewers the opportunity to get acquainted with the underside of the life of the main League of American football and football players, former and present. The main character is no longer a football star, Spencer Strasmore left the sport, now he is the financial Manager of the team. Now his life - not exhausting training and victorious matches, and no less complex social events and ensuring the life and reputation of the players. He also solves many problems of his former colleagues, who, if not Spencer, know everything about them! The players have difficulties with drugs, money, personal relationships, health — with all that Spencer was able to overcome in his time.Meanwhile and in his new life lack difficulties. First of all, Spencer has an unpleasant conflict with the financial genius of Andre Alana, which threatens with considerable troubles. After Spencer made an unforgivable mistake at the opening of the restaurant, a real war begins between them. To settle this case will be very difficult, but Spence is sure to cope this time!

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