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Original Title: Scene of the Crime
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ORF,ARD,SRF 1
Creators: Gunther Witte,Günter Rohrbach
Description: The main character of the film is Jesse Custer. He served as a preacher in a Texas Church for many years. In his city of began to occur events, forced faith in God first falter, and then and at all collapse. Jessie began to feel that there is no sense in his actions, and all his sermons – pure nonsense. This state of Affairs has created a void in the soul of men. And as you know, the Holy place is never empty. In the soul of the preacher in a short time populated the creation, called Genesis. This creature is a result of the proximity of an angel and a demon.Genesis is both pure perfection and absolute evil. There is a very fine line between these features. Custer became the host for the Genesis, but have not lost their individuality. Now it depends only on him which way he will go: on the path of evil or on the road of good. When Jesse finds out that an angel has left heaven without permission, he decides to find him and return to where he came from. For this he takes as his squire ex-girlfriend and a vampire from Ireland.

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