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Before johnny rose not believed money, which spent he himself or someone from his big family-adoring various secular arrangements wife Moira, son – hipster David and fashionista-daughter Alexis. Everything changed when his profitable company went bankrupt. The man lost billions, which until recently were in his Bank accounts. The situation was so deplorable that the hero had to say goodbye even to a luxurious mansion. Therefore, the rose family moved to Shitt's Creek – an American province, where in the past johnny was lucky to buy an estate. If it were not for this adventurous purchase, the characters would have remained under the open sky. After unpleasant changes, they have to limit themselves in many ways, which is the cause of most curious events. However, since then, the life of Roses has improved a bit – now they own a local hotel, which feeds their family. Due to this circumstance, the characters do not dream to quickly leave the town, which became their home. But without the complexity does not do: at the beginning of the 4th season, Moira still blames himself for the death of one of its clients, believing that could prevent the tragedy. Meanwhile, David is passionate about his relationship with Patrick and is preparing to tell his parents about it.

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