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Schulz and Böhermann is a talk show, hosted by Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann. The concept of the format is based on the shipment Roche & Böhmermann that aired from 2012 to 2013 on ZDFneo.    As part of Schulz and Böhmermann but Olli Schulz replaces the British author, producer, actress and radio spokeswoman Charlotte Roche and receives together with his colleagues from the Neo Magazine Royale per episode four guests. The backdrop remains a minimalist and is also the term unchanged 60 minutes. The studio also has 200 spectators sit when Schulz & Böhmermann is recorded for later television broadcast.    The special feature of the talk show is the fact that Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann not place a mediator between the panelists, but take sides in the conversation itself and deliberately provocative. The tone is intended to be, however, not only polemic, but also friendly and charming. ZDFneo describes Schulz & Böhermann as "an unconventional talk show for those who do not like talk shows."    In addition, Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann are hosted not alone. They are supported by Sibylle Berg and Larissa Riess.    Background & about Schulz & BöhmermannIm August 2015 announced in January Böhmermann and Olli Schulz in neo magazine Royale, that they conduct early 2016 a joint talk show on ZDFneo which bears the name of Schulz & Böhmermann. In an official press release ZDFneo confirmed that it will be the official successor mission of Roche and Böhermann in which format. The premiere of Schulz and Böhmermann took place on 10 January 2016 for ZDFneo. (MH) The premiere of Schulz and Böhmermann took place on ZDFneo on 10 January 2016th    As a production company again served the young Cologne-based company Bildundtonfabrik that has already been provided with various prestigious projects for attention and had more than once worked at this time with Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz. Apart from that Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann were already on the talk show a team: In the weekly podcast Gently and carefully they exchange since 2012 about God and the world history. (MH)

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