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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
A fascinating, full of unexpected twists series called Scooby and Scrappy season 4, will tell a lot of funny stories about the adventures of flighty friends. One of them is a pretty cowardly, badass guy named shaggy. He constantly manages to get into some comical, ridiculous situation, from which he rushes to rescue his faithful dog, nicknamed Scooby. Another friend of theirs is a small, funny and incredibly mischievous dog Scrappy. Scooby's nephew gives friends a lot of trouble. He constantly tries to draw them into another unpleasant story.
Scrappy loves meeting various monsters, ghosts and other evil monsters. The kid seems to be omnipotent, and his uncle is able to attack even the most powerful enemy. Because Scrappy is thrown indiscriminately at first, coming across under a hand, the monster. How in such situation to leave a defenseless baby. Of course, shaggy and Scooby will always come to his rescue, although at such moments they are ready to die of fear. Only Scrappy still thinks that his friends are the most courageous, brave heroes and always while they are fighting with the monster, will find them a brand new trouble.