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Three years ago, Walter-a genius with a record IQ-gathered his own team, consisting of the smartest people in the world, with which he was going to solve global problems that threaten humanity. Then they came the head of the National security Agency, who spoke about the rapidly approaching disaster, during which Los Angeles may fall a few dozen aircraft. Then the heroes of the series "Scorpio" managed to prevent the tragedy, after which they twice saved a huge number of lives. In season 4 they have to stop the next mass extinction, which was able to calculate in prison, mark Collins, has already arrived and three months later, in the living will remain only some insects. This starts a new part in a positive way-events take us to the next morning after the final of last season, when Paige and Walter staged the first night together passion. In the morning, the guy shows how happy he is, not hiding from the audience dreaming of dancing and singing in honor of what happened. But then he is contacted by mark, calling the hero straight from the prison cell. He managed to calculate the exact date of the end of the world, but it's not too late to fix it…

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