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Amazing family by the name of West - these are real scoundrels. Among them you can find professional scams, thieves, scams. None of them even thought does not allow to start earning a living in an honest way. Following the example of their own parents and children have become notorious criminals, quickly mastered the skills of the criminal world. This extraordinary family is ready to go to great lengths to achieve their own well-being at the cost of profitable, but illegal transactions and frauds. Getting at the same time not only a pretty good income, but also indispensable in further operations experience.however, everything has to be paid for at some point. The cruel fate of the West family has not passed. Father Wolfgang was arrested and now he has to wait in the detention cell for the court decision. There's no need to hope for a pardon. Daddy shines a long time, and the family immediately understands that they need a new, powerful and bright leader. This role takes on a charming woman Cheryl. She is the mother of a family of scammers, but it has long been tired of such a terribly busy life. Now Cheryl decided to radically change the existence and send all their offspring on the right path, forcing to abandon the former easy money.

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