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3-season sci-Fi TV series"hidden Odyssey", which was later renamed"seaQuest DSV" is a narrative film based on the journey of the crew of the experimental submarine. The government of most of the world's leading countries is uniting and creating the Commonwealth of the United Oceans of the Earth, whose mission is to conquer the unexplored places of the planet and fight against the ever-spreading Maritime crime. Captain Nathan Bridger will lead the crew of the submarine"Sequel" and to restore order in the waters accountable to the organization. But this journey entails a lot of difficulties, which can not cope without a cohesive team.The series was a success with the audience, publishers have stretch it for 3 seasons with a total duration of 59 episodes. Shooting the project took time from 1993 to 1996, but over time, the film lost the love of fans because of the stretched plot. The budget of the film project was almost 1.5 million us dollars, which at that time was quite an impressive amount.

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