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The story of the adventure series Search for Treasure Island begins in 1894 when Robert Louis Stevenson, in his "Treasure Island" on the island of Samoa is dying author of the novel. Shortly before his death, he revealed his longtime friend Baumann the secret that there is indeed the fabled treasure island, leaving behind him a card.    About 100 years later, while Paul Raymond, who came by chance in the possession of the card, on the way to find out what is the legend on it. Search for Treasure Island but his ship is lost in the Bermuda Triangle, so his wife Sally, together with their two children, Mark and Jacqui, and the dodgy Captain Escovar breaks a year later to find her husband.    In addition, they accompanied a later descendant of Baumann. Along the way they caught in a storm and shipwrecked. Later, the members of the expedition found on a foreign island again - and make shortly afterwards acquaintance with the native tribes that seem to come from another time and are at war with each other.    Main characters of Search for Treasure Island Jacqui Raymond (Brooke Anderson) listens unlike her brother Mark on what their parents say. Nevertheless Jacqui also has her own mind and sees itself as a confident young woman.    Mark Raymond (Daniel Kellie) can learn a lot from his older sister. At the same time Mark has its own strengths, for example in dealing with his computer, which he always carries with him.    Thea Hawkins (Brittany Byrnes) abuts shipwrecked to Raymond. Thea can not remember anything more from her old life. Yet they do not seem to be for the first time on Treasure Island.    Karl Baumann (Jan Wachtel) hides its own secrets from the Raymonds. Only with time turns out why the late descendant Baumann has actually joined the expedition. (MH)

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