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Imagine that you have everything there and you have found love. And now imagine that you have lost, almost lost, but you have the probability to return everything back. This story tells about Pedro Jose Donoso, a wealthy man who in 67 years has achieved everything he wanted, including the love of a beautiful young lady Isabel Arroyo. Tale lasted not long lasting. Fate manufactured Pedro Jose Donoso most-the most horrible surprise. However, Pedro Jose out of the category of guys who do not resign themselves to the loss and will certainly have to return in order to get back what belongs to them. He returned, however ... in the form of a person ... Salvador Serinsa - young farmer who is extremely attached to his own family. Due to the unpredictable turns of fate, Pedro Jose and Salvador die at the same time. Pedro Jose spirit need only one thing - to be reborn again in a body. Now, thanks to the latest capabilities, Pedro Jose returns again to buy all that lost, not knowing what he would see. Indescribable return of Pedro Jose in the form of a nice young man will be a prerequisite for the start of a terrible series of events, which will open the secrets and lies, and made public TRUE. Guilty or innocent, anyone will be involved in a series of unexpected environments, caused by restless stay this stranger who appeared to pay off debt and save those who truly loved him.

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