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For the whole 6 seasons the documentary series"Seconds to accident" in which known scientists and researchers reveal all known information on various tragedies of anthropogenic character, natural disasters and other"whims of destiny"stretched. In the near future, one of these misfortunes can lead to the end of the era of human existence, so we need to at least be mentally prepared for disasters.The creators of the documentary film tried to present us with the most reliable known facts about the possible causes and development of natural disasters. The destruction of skyscrapers, the fall of bridges, numerous fires and other misfortunes do not arise by themselves, there is always any primary source that causes such catastrophic consequences for people. The viewer is provided with reliable facts about what happened seconds before the event and a few moments after.Most of the frames of the film recreated thanks to modern technology. The film Directors decided not to focus on the quality of special effects,and focused most of the attention on the plot. The oppressive atmosphere, when you realize that something is about to happen, the excited voice of the speaker and the General tension allow the viewer to fully experience the drama of situations and feel what is really happening with those unfortunate who fall into the maelstrom of the described events.