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School years are always considered the most beautiful. After all, it is at this time that students fall in love, find friends, compete with each other - in General, do what they will then remember with a smile. The same is happening now with four students, each with its own history. They're all just students. Although they are not children, but others do not see them as adults. They are always full of blood, encouraging adventure, seeking love and believe in a bright future.

Jean has lived with her mother and always helps out around the house. He also earns money as a courier, but does not forget about his studies. At school it is considered very clever and attractive student. And despite his poverty, he strives to be a decent man. Su A popular, everyone wants to go on a date with her. But her heart is occupied by only one guy. He died a year ago, but su A didn't forget him and blames herself for his death. And even though she's a great student, she's under pressure at home. Her mother is sure that she can become a star. Because of this, the girl has to go to auditions. And Ran is an aspiring actress. She can play anything to get closer to her favorite teacher. Sometimes she forgets about school, trying to get through to him. But she is also a kind and sincere friend and is always happy to help her friends. Xie In dreams of becoming a Director and receiving awards for his films. But while he walks around the school with a camera in search of stories. He does not have a conscience when he makes fun of everyone, because laughter is the best medicine. And though he is a little self-confident, yet Xie Ying is a reliable friend.