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  • Drama
The series takes place in the near future, where endless wars have caused catastrophic climate change, resulting in half of the globe turned into a glacier, and the rest was like a scorched desert. During such natural disasters, the boundaries of existing States were rapidly melting, and in their place came the huge multinational corporations that are struggling for vital territory, which has left water supplies. A large area, which in the past were located dozens of European countries, now represents one whole Association under the name New Europe. A huge state is now controlled by the Main city, where all the current power belongs to a conglomerate of tyrants, consisting in a rapidly gaining strength Prometheus Corporation. One of the most important goals of this Corporation is to replace the current police with its own army of loyal to the system fighters assembled in a special unit"Black squadron". At the same time, the head of the"Black squadron" Monroe, building plans for the distant future, wants to continue to replace even ordinary soldiers combat androids.Suddenly, on the way insidious Monroe becomes an experienced police veteran Sirius, who suffered from the actions of the system, who heads the resistance group called"Sector zero", able to go to all sorts of actions, including illegal, in order to achieve this great goal.

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