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The plot of Sedwitz is located in the 1988th As a main setting and the fictional eponymous village Sedwitz, located one half in Thuringia and the other half in francs acts. Central to the story is the East German border officer Rail Pietzsch, who gets the key to a secret tunnel under the border shortly before the Wall came down from a high animal of the Stasi. Although Pietzsch is aware of the disastrous consequences of his company, he decides to go through the tunnel and explore the western part of his country.    What Pietzsch motivated above all: He could get a very special birthday present for his son, namely, a Rubik's Cube. As soon as he breathes the air of the West, Pietzsch meets the Border Patrol officials Hubsi, the innkeeper Franz and the teacher Astrid. And before he knows sichs, he is confronted with disastrous things like corruption and smuggling. It is not long until propagates in Sedwitz the ultimate chaos.    Main characters of Sedwitz    Ralf Pietzsch (Thorsten Merten) is known to everyone simply Rail. Actually, he is quite satisfied with his life in the east of Sedwitz. However, in order to make his son the perfect birthday gift, he risks even his position as a border officer, because the family has for him always take precedence.    Astrid Hillebrand (Judith Richter) comes from the West of Sedwitz, is a teacher by profession and is also involved politically. Your attitude is a cosmopolitan and that she tries to pass on to the children in her class. Often, however, their sincere optimism collides with the shattering reality.    Hubert Weisspfennig (Stephan Zinner) is generally known as the Hubsi. As a federal border guards, he ensures that everyone who belongs to the West, remains in the West, and everyone who belongs to the East, remains in the east. The Brightest he is not though.    Franz Haueisen (Hannes Ringlstetter) has the last economy from the border and has a good nose when it comes to business. At the same time he looks fine as a wasted life energy and moves may also be against the law. (MH)

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