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Original Title: Sesame Street
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: PBS,HBO,National Educational Television
Creators: Joan Ganz Cooney,Lloyd Morrisett
Language: English
Description: Andrew Lozin correctly perform all the tasks of its criminal head. He is ready to go to any criminal acts, as long as it provides financial and monitor its safety. The young man became the most successful and experienced killer in Europe. Those who ordered it, did not have time even to beg for mercy. It operates cleanly and without corrections. But one day, Andrew made a misfire and did not notice a bystander. Then he had to kill a guy for the sake of his peace of mind. But fate tricky thing. Andrei met a wonderful girl, and finally fell in love. But he had no idea that his beloved Paul is the sister of the involuntary witness of a crime. How to live, knowing that hurt the closest person? And what happens if Paul had been made aware? Not be them more together.

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