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Every family has its own oddities-there is no denying it. But the Gallagher their number clearly exceeds all possible limits: a single father has a tendency to drink alcohol, and six children hit a variety of life problems. Take at least Debbie with her strange Hobbies, including kleptomania, or Ian, who has entered the difficult path of homosexuality. However, all and not to list, because with each of the characters with enviable regularity there are various curiosities. And the beginning of the 8th season of "Shameless" – direct proof. In the first series, returned to the city of Frank, who spent several months in the monastery. The lack of impact on it positively: man brings all sincerely apologize for past wrongs and vows to improve. Lip, meanwhile, is struggling with the developing alcoholism that he lost Sierra to. Debbie suddenly all decide to become a welder, and Ian is faced with another difficulty in the relationship with Trevor. Carl gets acquainted with the underworld and begins to sell amphetamine, the rest of him from Monica. The real problems arise only from Fiona, which in the shortest possible time to decide on an apartment in a new house.