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The ship from Holland, driven by the brave and valiant John Blacktron, crashes near the shores of the amazing and fascinating land of the rising sun. The surviving crew of the local Japanese residents immediately accused of piracy and unfriendly attitude to the Catholic Church. So they are ruthlessly thrown into the pit to the leader and the leader of the daimyo's made over them by the court. However, a fearless Englishman interested in the Prince Toranaga, who later became the protagonist of a very close friend and mentor. John told a new acquaintance about the world in which he spent most of his life. Toronaga in response helped the stranger to learn the culture and worldview of Japan. Despite the existence of harsh and strict laws within the country, the pilot was fascinated by the new atmosphere. Gradually, he took the life of everyday Japanese orders, studying the habits and psychology of people, alien to the ordinary European. John, who quickly learned a foreign language, experienced cruelty, pain, hatred, complete spiritual harmony, learning to communicate even with the most real samurai. In addition, this is where the main character finds his true love. However, no action-Packed story can not do without the envious, who do not like the patronage of Toronaga. Especially on the eve of an impending war.The film perfectly recreates the atmosphere of feudal Japan, and the blue-eyed Richard Chamberlain his talented game will not allow to break away from the TV screen.

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