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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
A romantic story about a young guy who is destined to re-learn to live after a complete loss of memory. Korean drama reveals the social issues tied to material wealth or poverty. The truth is that with the sweet heaven in a tent? The storyline develops around a young handsome man named Louis, who grew up in a rich and prosperous family. The child was never denied his whims, the whole world was at his feet. Unfortunately, at an early age he lost his parents. All my youth the boy lived in America, so it has somewhat spoiled nature. An arrogant, narcissistic, selfish major who thinks he can do anything in this life. On the way the young guy does not have problems, because he can solve everything with money. By coincidence, the hero returns to live in his native country – Korea. On arrival, he loses his memory. Perhaps this is a new chance to live life anew, to become a different person. In the course of events, the young man meets a simple and sweet girl, a provincial from a poor family named Ko Bok SIL. A guy who lived in America would never look at her. But having lost memory, the man forgot who he really is. His personality is erased, so the hero is able to fall in love with a young lady, despite her status in society. What happens if he suddenly remembers his previous life? Will the guy stay with his lover or run away? He will have to learn to live in a new way and become a completely different person. Beautiful melodrama that true love will overcome all prejudices.

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