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The film "Female shuttle" begins in 1994 in the Moscow Sunrise, a small Aviagorodok. This series tells about the strong women dashing 90, on whose shoulders lay all the difficulty of survival of their families in the difficult time when their husbands were pilots after the Soviet collapse left without work. These transitional years, mass confusion and misunderstandings, were a time of women - Female shuttle. Sold, imported into the country those goods which have not been, and in fact there was almost nothing. With heavy bales and bags, they survive every day faced with all the problems of redistribution of property 90 ... It was a difficult time for most families, living in a small military town Sunrise. According to the plot of the series "Female shuttle," the two young women, Olga and Svetlana Rodionova Lyutuya close friends. Their husbands are serving in the same military unit, moreover their children, Anna and Stephen, go to school in the same class. The situation becomes more complicated when for trading on the market Olga dismissed from school. Beginner businesswoman Ella, looking for a niece Zoe market, does offer the unemployed Olga and Cvetlane work together, bringing from abroad things for the market. However, while this is a very dangerous and risky. As well was the fate of these women is not an easy time? And what else Perepetui 90 expect the main characters of the series "Female shuttle." The answers to these questions viewers will be able to find all looking melodrama series. Taking into account of the stellar cast of the series "Female shuttle," in which viewers channel Russia 1 will see artists such as Maria Poroshina Vladimir Epifantsev, Svetlana Ivanova, Smolin Vera Zorian Marchenko, Elena Panova, Vadim Kolganov and many others, we can safely say that this picture is sure to enjoy. Do not miss

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