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  • Drama
Developed by Philip DeGuere series is about the disparate brothers Rick (played by Gerald McRaney) and A. J. Simon (played by Jameson Parker), bringing together a detective.    Rick is a seasoned road, rough-Vietnam veteran who pickup trucks in general and his red Dodge Power Wagon in particular likes and lives in a cabin cruiser behind the house of A. J.. He pays less on conventions and rules and is about rather freely with the law.    His younger brother AJ is the quiet and well-read pole of the unequal pair of brothers who approaches tasks rationally and trying to 'adhered to rules and laws. He dresses conservatively and expects the things that Rick loves, rather the lower layer. After he drives a black Chevrolet Bel Air convertible in the early episodes, he has a red Chevrolet Camaro Z28 later.    The detective who both operate in San Diego, forms the framework of the series. The series lives on the contrasts of the brothers who approach the common cases in different ways because of their attitude and socialization and as always lead to conflict. Balancing act family relationships, especially to the mother, and commonalities that emerge in the course of the series or develop.