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Returning from another fishing trip, the sailors from Bristol Cove decided to meet with a longtime friend – biologist Ben. And it's not just the desire to drink beer with a friend – they had an important question to a specialist. During a meeting at the bar, the fishermen told Ben that at night in their network got a real siren, but the hero of a serial fantasy drama did not believe it, believing that friends just laugh at him. However, the same day he met on the streets a charming girl who was obviously here for the first time. And if before you met her biologist didn't even think that the words fishing buddies can be a truth, after he began to guess: they did not lie, and mermaids do exist. Realizing that new friend needs help, Ben was trying to help her, but the frightened girl runs away in an unknown direction. Confused by this encounter, the hero intends to learn as much as possible about mermaids. So he finds himself in a quaint shop with marine Souvenirs, the owner of which tells the hero about his past. From her words it becomes clear that sirens still exist, although the ancestors of Ben is actively trying to destroy them. But why did one of the sea creatures decided to go to land? And not whether what is happening in the city with the murder of her appearance?

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