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Chilean historical drama about adventures, soldiers and war for the right to freedom. War is always scary, and when it takes the lives of those we love from year to year, it becomes more terrible several times. Constant fear, fatigue and hunger – three eternal companions of war, pursue people who dream of a peaceful sky and a quiet existence in their own territories, but the enemy does not think to retreat. In America, battles for territory were frequent. First, the colonists took the land from the local population, and then from each other. The seventeenth century passed for the southern part of the continent in a constant struggle for a place under the sun and the right to exist. Spanish colonizers fought off the constant attacks of the Indians,and the latter just wanted to live in their native places. Each side can be understood, but the brutality and regularity of attacks by indigenous peoples cannot be justified. Spanish soldiers defended a small Fort on the border of Chile, true to duty and oath, but not in one debt was a problem. Soldiers and their families were left with no choice but to engage in this bloody battle. Being outside the walls of the Fort, they were not able to get out and call for help, could not even declare a truce, and therefore fought to the last for the sake of gaining their own freedom and the ability to simply continue to live. This confrontation lasted three years. Three endless years people suffered deprivation, in order not to let the enemy into the protected area.

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