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Documentary erotic series from American Director Stephen Cantor. In the TV and Frank the project involved Julia Di Celio, Federico Palmieri, Marco Pancrazi.In the center of the serial history - loving couples who seek any sexual ways to show their hidden emancipation, hidden under the mask of moral modesty and restraint. People from the most remote and various corners of the globe during each new series learn and realize the erotic imaginations. The viewer will get acquainted with the spicy, bold and exciting inner world of sexual desires of the heroes of the series. Everyone who was involved in the series, had the opportunity to erase the boundaries of the impossible, to break all sorts of prohibitions and to translate into reality their most daring desires, which they had dreamed of for so long, but were afraid to say it out loud, especially in front of a multi-million audience. The creators give the opportunity to see the world firsthand on the other side of the intimate curtain. The viewer is waiting for a unique and fascinating journey to the best Nightclubs, where sex and eroticism permeated every corner and every alcoholic cocktail. France, Japan, Canada, Russia, Brazil and other countries - all of them to a greater or lesser extent and in their own manner promote erotic pleasures. This TV series makes it clear that there are no prohibitions, and every whim, whim and desire to be able to be fulfilled.

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