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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Until one terrible evening Sarah's childhood was ordinary and in his own happy, but then everything changed dramatically. Parents of the heroine of the series "Slasher" brutally killed maniac nicknamed the Executioner. Left an orphan, the girl came under the care of a distant relative and left her hometown, trying to forget about the past. Over the next 20 years, Sarah lived without thinking that one day she would have to return home. She didn't even remembered about that ill-fated day, because it caused painful visions and nightmares. But at the beginning of the previous part of the heroine with her husband Dylan decides to move to settle in the parental home. The man assured that it will benefit their future family life. Dylan and I could not imagine that condemns himself to death, trying to convince the wife to move. Having moved to the provincial town, the couple had some time to live peacefully, but then on the streets again began to find the corpses, and all the circumstances of the crimes indicated that the elusive maniac returned. Realizing that the renewed murders are directly related to her arrival, Sarah began to look for the villain, which only worsened the situation and led to the murder of her husband. Despite this, at the beginning of the 2nd season, the character was not going to stop looking, wanting revenge on the killer of Dylan.

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