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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The world knows Superman as an invincible fighter against crime and as the Savior of humanity. But in the distant past, our hero was an ordinary teenager with his problems and unrequited love for the first beauty of the school. After a meteor shower in the provincial town of Smallville appeared smiling boy found by simple farmers. The couple who discovered the foundling was childless, so they decided to adopt the boy and raise him as their own son. Clark Kent grew up fast, went to regular school, talked to his best friends. But soon it comes time to learn the secret of his own birth and accept the difficult mission.
mysterious anomalies have recently begun to occur in Smallville. No one can understand what is happening, although the lovely Chloe, Clark's best friend, is trying hard to get to the truth. The young man must hide his own secret, helps all people in distress. Thanks to the machinations of enemies and supernatural forces of the young man a great many troubles. The guy tries to protect loved ones and beloved, which is not even aware of his feelings. But soon Lana suddenly falls in love with a young superhero and is ready to go with him to the end of the world. But happiness was short-lived…