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The year is 2031: The world has changed after 79 countries have decided to stop global warming by means of chemical refrigerant CW seventh Since then, there on the once-green planet a relentless ice age. Few of the icy hell could defy and have joined together in a confined space.   Events unfold on Earth in the near future. In a frenzied and ill-conceived fight against global global warming, scientists took an unprecedented step, and sprayed into the earth's atmosphere a chemical compound under the code CW-7, which can cause a decrease in air temperature. However, something went wrong and the result exceeded what was planned thousands of times. Seventeen years later, the complete icing of the planet finally came. Only two or three hundred people managed to escape from the entire population of the Earth, who are now forced to constantly be on a train that rushes through snow and ice along the round-the-world railway and does not have the right to stop, because a stop means death. This train in the last days of the disaster launched the railway tycoon Wilford. This express train is a small copy of a socially stratified society, where the rich and strong are located closer to the warm locomotive. They are provided with everything you need, including good food, excellent service and even entertainment. At the tail of the train are the poor who are fed protein insect plates. From time to time they rebel. However, riots are brutally suppressed. Yet the poor are figuring that the ammunition of their oppressors is likely to have come to a logical end. They raise a new rebellion, which is provoked by the fact that for unknown reasons, the parents of the poor begin to take away children who disappear in an unknown direction. The terrible events that followed in the series "Through the Snow" lead to the explosion of the train and the descent of an avalanche on it, in which only two survive - a young girl and a five-year-old boy. But when they get outside they will see a polar bear - this is a sign that life is reborn.  In concrete terms, these are the so-called Snowpiercer, a giant train that offers the last survivors of the human race against the cold. Without ever stopping, this paves its way through the frozen lands, driven by a perpetual motion machine. However, inside the rolling fortress anything there as harmony: In view of dwindling resources, a two-class society has opened that could not be clearer in their borders.    While in the front compartments ruled shameless exuberance, people operate from the rear carriages with protein blocks and are dependent on the arbitrary mercy of their tormentors. But even in this deplorable state of the spark of the revolution lies hidden, which should ignite later.    Main characters of SnowpiercerMelanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) is a passenger of the first class and accordingly enjoys the luxury of front compartments. Melanie is responsible for regular announcements on the train and fascinated by its social braids.    Layton Well (Daveed Diggs) takes a prisoner at the other end of the food chain place. It belongs to the despised layer and yet he could one day be the one who overcomes the limit of social imbalance.    Background & about Snowpiercer    The dystopian science fiction series based on the eponymous movie Snowpiercer by director Bong Joon-ho, in turn, on the French graphic novel Snow Cruiser (OT: Le Transperceneige) by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette based. In November 2015 Tomorrow Studios announced that work has begun on a TV implementation in history. The screenplay was written by Josh Friedman, who with Terminator S.C.C. has already adapted a movie franchise for television. As producers Joon-ho Bong and his colleague Chan-wook Park could be won. In addition, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson became engaged as director of the pilot episode, which eventually premiered in 2018 on TNT. (MH)

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