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Action The focus of the series is a special commission of the Munich police. Its members have to solve in each episode anew criminal cases. Initially, these were mostly drug offenses or the machinations of organized drug trafficking. Later, the focus of the investigation work was shifted to cases concerning felony.    Main characters Horst Schickl is been by far the most time at SOKO 5113th From the first episode in 1978 until his retirement in 2008 he was a total of 33 seasons on one of the main characters of the series. He started as a detective superintendent, later he was promoted to chief superintendent. After Karl Göttmann had died, he hatter held the leadership of the Special Commission.    Karl Göttmann was chief superintendent from the start and thus the head of the Special Commission. In Season 12 in 1992, he died of a heart attack. (Also the actor Karl Göttmann, Werner Kreindl, died in real life of a heart attack.) Years later, in the episode The file Göttmann (23 March 2008) found that Karl Göttmann had died not a natural death, but it had poisoned a Maulfwurf the Balkan mafia.    Manfred "Manne" Brand's Chief Inspector. He Anfanf impact of the nineties from the former East Germany to the investigative team of SOKO 5113th    Background Info SOKO 5113 is one of the longest-lived detective series on German television. On January 2, 1978, the first of the now more than 300 episodes aired on ZDF. Due to the success, there are a number of replicas of the series:    SOKO Leipzig (from 2001)    SOKO Kitzbühel (from 2001, in Germany since 2003)    SOKO Cologne (from 2003)    SOKO Wismar (from 2004)    SOKO Donau, Germany SOKO Vienna (from 2005)    SOKO Rhein-Main (since 2006, the beginning still under the title Specialists: CID Rhein-Main)    Stuttgart Homicide (from 2009)

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