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We offer to Your attention a continuation of the Comedy sitcom "Melissa and Joey ". If you have not seen the beginning, we recommend using the search on the site and see the first season. Let's move on to the plot: in the center of the series we see, of course, Mellis and Joey. Mellisa from early childhood got into the cruel world of politics, but do not think anything, just her parents are closely connected with political circles. Contacting an early age with the world no wonder that she decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. I must give her credit, the politician came out of her great, but in this mode of work there is absolutely no time for personal life and Mellis is no exception, we can say that the work-this is her whole life, but measured weekdays comes to an end when she finds out that her sister was arrested and how do you think for what? For financial fraud! All would be nothing: a term stints, but hubby was scared and ran away leaving the prisoner with two children. And here education of these children also has to be engaged by our heroine. It is clear that not what kind of education is out of the question, she barely has time to look after herself, so she decides to hire a babysitter and from that moment a new story begins!

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