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When Claude Lacroix forced its private beach on the coast of St.    Tropez offering for sale, he did not with the tenacity of his    Son Louis and his clique expected. Louis unceremoniously throw the    To save school with his friends the paradise of her childhood.    Sandra, an irresistible young businesswoman takes over    Management, Louis is "gofer". Her friend Laure is from    plagued other worries: you just have her engagement to    ambitious Alain Dulac celebrated as the charming adventurer Grégory,    Louis' brother and Laure's first love, back in her life    shows up. Two is clear at first glance that they still    feel something for each other. Gregory asks Laure, with him in lake    sting rather than marry. Alain succeeds with a devious    Maneuvers to thwart the meeting.