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The events of the series"Space: 1999" unfold around a group of astronauts who went on an expedition to the satellite of our planet – the moon. Everything was going well, the travelers settled on the rocky surface of the planet, but the nuclear explosion that shook the moon threw it from the orbit of the Earth, after which the few settlers are forced to survive in a cruel space.When a person becomes to himself, his heart beginning to break out of feelings, previously foreign to deny us. So it happens with the main characters, completely divorced from civilization. In their distant journey, they will face many dangers, witness these fantastic events and meet the inhabitants of other planets. Fascinating and interesting, no wonder"Space: 1999" is popular in the same position with such famous creations as"Star Trek" and"UFO".The presented film project is the fruit of the joint work of British and Italian cinema. The film lasted for two seasons each with 24 episodes. Of course, before viewing it is necessary to take into account that the project was released back in 1975, but at that time the film became famous for beautiful special effects, great scenery and costumes.

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