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Original Title: Spiral
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: Canal+
Creators: Alexandra Clert,Guy-Patrick Sainderichin
Description: In the near future, humanity will be divided by three States, only the distance between them is measured by space measurements. On Mars formed a military state that wants to be independent of all. This state has to communicate with the Earth, because you need to keep in touch to be able to deliver resources to the red planet. In the asteroid belt also live people who need help from Earth. However, they own valuable materials, only in this space they can get. Every state wants to have the upper hand over the other, and therefore, increasing the voltage that can be sent on the occurrence of war. To transport resources people fly on spaceships, one of these transports is called "Canterbury". It carries ice to the inhabitants of the asteroid belt. Once on their way there is a tragedy, and the distress signal reports about it. Captain intends to reverse its course, and will go to rescue people with another ship. But soon the "Canterbury"will need help. Meanwhile, at the station Ceres wanders detective, he is investigating the loss of the girl from the Ground. He was asked by powerful people to help, and he took the case. The detective is confident that under any circumstances he will bring it to the end. His path leads to a flying ship, where the captain is ready to help the brave detective. A little later, the detective will not only reveal the secrets of his investigation and the secrets of the global conspiracy against humanity.

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