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  • Genres:
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Amazing underwater town with the same unusual inhabitants. Life on the ocean floor is raging. Every inhabitant of Bikini Bottom has to solve pressing issues, to enjoy success, to be sad about failures. Everyone is busy with their own Affairs, but do not forget to help others if necessary. The life of the local colorful population is not as perfect as it might seem at first glance. Although the picturesque surroundings and the abundance of bright colorful creatures create the illusion of a true Paradise under water, this impression is wrong. Lack concerns and have chief hero. For a long time Spongebob Squarepants performs the duties of a cook in a colorful institution called Krusty Crab. The place belongs to Mr. Krabs, an old grumpy and an incredible miser. However, this circumstance does not bother the young chef, who has enough other worries. Spongebob has friends who regularly find themselves in difficult situations. Then the main character at the time have to throw the stove and kitchen utensils to get a friend out of another scrape. But not everything is so monotonous in the life of Sponge and his friends. Enough time and desire for fun and incredible adventures.