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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
Myung WOL has always dreamed of becoming a special agent as a father. Only here because she's always the first thing were doing, but then thought through the course of their actions, the girl managed to do a lot of stupid things and thus constantly failed the important exam. It would seem that she has absolutely no chance to get into the same Department, which she had long dreamed of. But the last time, after another failure over her took pity and decided to give her a chance. She was allowed to go on an important mission and if she successfully crank it, it will allow to move to the office in which she had long dreamed to get. But at the most unexpected moment the girl does everything exactly the opposite and instead of liquidate the star and return the artifact, she hides the celebrity from her own people. upon Learning of this, the authorities order to remove the girl and not give her any more chance. Only at the last moment, due to the fact that her father was on a very good account she decided to give another opportunity to improve. However, for this she must fall in love with a man and marry him. For everything she is given only 3 months. However, the problem is that this conceited man does not even look at a girl like her. Heroine will not just before she can really achieve the desired. Will she be able to cope with such a difficult mission and finally get to the Department, which she dreamed of?

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