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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The Central character of the series-an exemplary husband and a caring father, for many years working as an insurance agent in one of the local small companies. Señor Avila is the average representative of the middle class. He is in good standing with colleagues and friends, absolutely nothing attracts to his person special attention or distrust. It would seem that a man lives a quiet, measured and very ordinary life, without touching anyone. However, everything is not as innocent as it seems. The man has a secret that forces him to play a double game every day. Office work is just a cover, and his main occupation distinguishes him from millions of other inhabitants of Rome. As it soon becomes clear, the man is rather eminent in the city the hired murderer. For a long time he managed to combine a dangerous occupation and personal life, but the moment came when everything went downhill. Unexpected turmoil appeared very soon after the successes of Avil noted at work. A conscientious employee was decided to be promoted and transferred to a more solid office. At the same time, the press gets information about the criminal activities of office workers. Citing rumors and detractors, Signor Avila still manages to briefly distract public attention from his secret. But soon the underground life of the hero becomes obvious, and now under threat not only his career, but also the life of his son and wife...

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